From a disciple of evolution


Complex in Thinking,
Adaptive in Behaviour,
Evolutionary in Attitude,
Living at the Edge of Chaos !


About the subtitle line ‘My quest is …’. Well, it is the last line I might call a small poem.

My life is a quest.

A quest for the knowledge.

The Knowledge and the Wisdom of the Reason.

The Reason behind the Life.

My life is a quest for the Life…

I started three blogs to describe the happenings that I see through the lenses of patterns and abstractions. I started with ‘Evolutioneer’, then forked to ‘Clairvoyant’ and now I have ‘Solutioneer’ also. Each one of them has specific contents.

Evolutioneer (A science and technology blog)

I have been a voracious reader of popular science. Through this reading, I felt that the nature has solved difficult problems in an evolutionary way which lead to a sustainable solution. I started believing that “Nothing in the World makes sense except in the light of evolution” (after the original quote). So I decided to make myself to be a disciple of Evolution. This blog is dedicated to the evolution of science and technology.



Life is more than science and technology such as art, culture, economics, history, sports and so on. Life evolves thus in these many dimensions.



As a software engineer, I explore design problems, new architectures, new algorithms and so on. A place to dump them here.


Polite Hammer

When the society needs its old wisdom be retold –


Disclaimer: The views expressed in any of these blogs are strictly personal and hence do not necessarily reflect opinion of any of my affiliations unless and otherwise that way stated with explicit sources.


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